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A blunt, jaded woman with a painful, dark past seeks out a matchmaking company that utilizes advanced technology to promote the best possible relationships; after a series of 24-hour-long blind dates, we begin to understand that she—and the company—are not what they seem.

  • Semifinalist - Pilot Category - Scriptapalooza

  • Blacklist 8 rating, Industry 10



A struggling musician returns home after his mother's death to deal with his crude brother and emotionally stunted father; with an unfiltered and too-loud-to-ignore voice in his head, he struggles with his traumatizing past and doubts about the future.

  • Semifinalist - Emerging Screenwriters Drama Competition (2023)

  • Semifinalist - Genre Screenplay Competition (2023)



A young girl with an unknown past adopts a gruff, alcoholic, old bar bouncer as her detective partner to hunt down a missing pregnant woman who's been taken by a strange cult.

  • Double Recommend - Stage 32 Exec Evaluation



An emotionally detached, semi-functioning-alcoholic woman attempts a week-long detox at an isolated cabin in the mountains. As the week progresses, she struggles with reality and reluctantly receives guidance from her friends—both real and imaginary.

  • Double Recommend - Stage 32 Evaluation



In a desolate future on Mars, a devoted husband embarks on a treacherous journey across the unforgiving landscape to reunite with his wife after a failed test tore them apart. As he faces the challenges of the harsh environment, he discovers secrets that redefine love and sacrifice.

  • Semifinalist - Shore Scripts Feature Contest (2023)

  • Top 5% - Coverfly

LIFE (TV Series)

A woman obsessed with inventing a method to extend life experiments on an enslaved being from a benevolent species. She inadvertently creates a monster to be feared and hunted despite his altruistic heart.

  • Semifinalist - Filmmatic Horror Screenplay Awards Season 8


After escaping her abusive husband, a woman falls prey to a deranged rancher who abducts travelers to butcher and consume.

  • Semifinalist - Killer Shorts Horror Short Screenplay Competition Season 5


ENCHANTE SOIREE (Walkthrough Attraction)

A spooky, silly, walk tour through an vibrantly decorated chateau in at the Valleyfair Theme Park in Minnesota.

THREE GHOSTS (Fictional Podcast)

[Spotify]  [Apple Podcasts]

This is an epic re-telling of Charles Dickens' classical A Christmas Carol featuring an entirely re-written script with a relatable and sympathetic Scrooge and more meaningful secondary characters.

AFTERWORDS VOL. 1 (Fictional Podcast)

A collection of three emotional, hilarious, scary, sad, and totally vulgar grown-up children's stories.

The Mouse & The Cat  [Spotify]  [Apple Podcasts]
A story about two friends, Mouse and Cat, but not all friends are what they seem; you can be sure about that.


The Mother & Her Wish [Spotify]  [Apple Podcasts]
A gorgeous, magical journey of one woman's d
estruction of the world due to the loss of a child.


Hansel & Gretel [Spotify]  [Apple Podcasts]
Wonderfully awful, filled with language, neglectful parents, adults that can't be trusted, i
nquisitive children, a very old, very hungry wicked lady... and cannibalism.

  • Winner, Most Creative Podcast - Cinemonic Podcast Festival



BROKE: THE GAME SHOW SHOW (Interactive Stage Show)

An interactive game show with a host, a technician, and an artificial intelligence that absolutely never breaks down...

7 MINUTES (Short Film)

A struggling lounge singer gets 7 minutes on stage to plead her case about humanity's flaws to a skeptical God who is deciding whether or not to destroy the world.

DICK (Short Film) [trailer]  [film]

Fresh out of a bad relationship, Jen seeks her cousin Courtney's comfort and a much needed girls weekend outside the city; as it turns out, they have very different ideas about how to get over a breakup.

  • Winner/Best Drama - Couch Film Festival (Fall 2020)

  • Finalist - The Flight Deck Film Festival (2020)

FORGE (Short Film) [trailer[film]

As the final step to a literal life-altering process, a woman with an ambiguously difficult past undergoes an evaluation with an unconventional therapist and decides if erasing her memory will allow her the blank slate she thinks she needs to survive.

  • Winner/Best Drama - Couch Film Festival (Spring 2021)

  • Semi-finalist - Alternative Film Festival (2021)

DATE (Short Film) [film]

As a twenty-something woman prepares for a blind date, she ponders the simultaneously antiquated and overly progressive views of women in life, work, and love.

  • Finalist - Los Angeles Cinefest (2019)

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